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Ask Barry

With temps nearing 90 degrees, the only thing that my wife and I could think about was Jones Beach. So, I packed our blanket, towels, a cooler, umbrella, sun tan lotion and your letters of course and off we went. Traffic on the Meadowbrook Parkway was unusually light for such a hot day and before we knew it we were sitting on the beach at Field 6 under blues skies and a very strong sun. Since my wife was reading a book, I thought that it was a perfect time for me to read your letters so I opened the bag and poured them on to our blanket.  However, before I could read the first one my wife suggested that we walk down to the water to cool off. I left the letters on the blanket and she left an open bag of chips and the soda that she was drinking on her chair as we went down to the shore line to get our feet wet. We just about got back to our blanket when suddenly a gust of wind lifted the umbrella from the sand of the couple, who was sitting behind us. Like a guided missile the umbrella zeroed in on my wife’s chair knocking over with the soda and chips on to your letters on the blanket. Before I could say, “Alfred Hitchcock” what seemed like hundreds of sea gulls descended on our blanket to grab the Pepsi soaked chips and the Pepsi soaked letters. I tried to shoo them off our blanket with no success. I remembered thinking the gall of those gulls until I remembered reading an article in the May issue of Sea Gull Digest magazine indicating that UTZ’s low salt baked chips covered with diet Pepsi is a sea gull culinary delight. The article also stated that only way to resolve this type of situation was to pull the blanket from under their tiny webbed feet. It worked, alright; as the birds scattered, two sea gulls decided that the chips taste better than your letters and dropped these two. I hope that you enjoy them!

Dear Barry,

I’m an exercise nut, who goes to the gym regularly. I walk about 30 miles a week on the treadmill, take spin classes and do some weight training as well. A few women that I met there and I formed a little club. We work-out together 3 times a week and meet for dinner every Monday night to develop new routines, etc. I picked-up the flyer at last week’s Auction about the Dining-Out Fundraiser on Monday, June 5th at Anthony’s Coal Fire Pizza in Carle Place. Since our toughest routines are on Tuesday, I was thinking that eating some extra carbs would be a good thing for us. Is this event only for temple members or can the friends in my group come as well?


Treadmill Tammy from East Meadow

Dear Treadmill Tammy,

You are quite an exercise person; you must be in excellent shape. If CRT ever has work-out competition, my money is on you. Yes, you can bring your gym buddies to our fundraiser at Anthony’s Coal Fire Pizza in Carle Place on Monday, June 5th. Please remember to bring the flyer with you so that CRT can get a percentage of the bill as a donation. Since you are in such good shape that you may want to consider walking there!

Dear Barry,

My friends from New Zealand will be arriving in New York on August 19th on their way to visit family in Chicago. They will only be here for two days. They have never been to a baseball game at night. So, I promised them that if they ever came to New York, I would take them to a night game. Unfortunately, the Yankees will be out of town that weekend and the Mets are playing afternoon game on August 20th. Do you or anyone else in the temple have any pull with the NY Mets so that they could change the day game to a night game?


Nocturnal Baseball Lover from Levittown

Dear Nocturnal Baseball Lover,

I wish that the members of our congregation had the ability to influence the Mets schedule, but unfortunately, we don’t. I realize that you are in a bit of a jam, but I think that I have a solution. The Fundraising Committee is sponsoring a fundraiser with the Long Island Ducks to see them play a “night game” against the Lancaster Barnstormers on you guessed it, August 20th. Not only will it be a great game, but it is also “Jewish Heritage Night”. Seeing the Long Island Ducks is a wonderful family experience in a smaller stadium where you are close to the action regardless of where you sit. Plus, the parking is free! Please see additional information in the upcoming issue of EXTRA.

Best Wishes For A Happy & Safe Summer!   

If you have any questions, please submit them to the temple office or e-mail them directly to me at barrypelofsky@verizon.net.

Barry Pelofsky