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CRT Members Bake Challah

A large group of CRT members gathered in the social hall for a wonderful Challah baking class, taught by Tara Corn Harris on Sunday Feb. 11. Everyone enjoyed the experience.

Tara explained the various ingredients and what goes into making homemade challah. People at each table learned how to mix the dough and saw the yeast activate and rise.

Then we really got into it kneading the dough! Tara explained the history of challah and what people in other countries use for challah. She also shared some other interesting and fun facts.

Then Tara gave everyone the dough that she had made that morning because the dough takes up to two hours to rise. She instructed us on braiding challah or making other shapes. We got to sample some delicious and beautiful challah that she had made earlier and then took our own challahs home to bake. Everyone’s kitchen undoubtedly smelled so good from the bread baking!

Many thanks to Tara for such a fun, informative, and entertaining cooking class!!  And for the delicious challah!