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Members Celebrate 59th Journal Gala

Members Celebrate 59th Journal Gala

The largest social gathering of the year at CRT is the annual Journal Gala. More than 70 members celebrated this year’s 59th Journal event, held on Sunday April 2 at Verdi. The afternoon event consisted of lunch, music, dancing, a raffle and some presentations.

This year’s Journal honorees were the CRT House Committee, the unsung heroes of our Congregation. The committee includes Ira Beeber, Brian Butensky, Lewis Dresner, Perry Glickman and Harry Woodrow.

The House Committee are members who volunteer their time to make sure the building is maintained, repaired, improved and accessible for everyone. It is an ongoing mission that has become increasingly critical as the building ages.

Our Temple was built in 1975 and was thought to be very modern and up-to-date at the time. Since then, the House Committee has had various challenges involving the roof, the HVAC system and other key components of our facilities.

All of our honorees have been involved with the committee for a long time and their dedication is truly incredible. In just the past couple of years, these men have spent countless hours researching vendors and suppliers, hiring and supervising them and recommending ways to improve the condition of our building and grounds to the benefit of our staff and our members.

A refinancing of our mortgage gave us the needed capital for some critical projects. Among them were the:

  • Installation of the new handicap-accessible bathroom next to the library
  • Replacement of the old lift elevator with a new hydraulic elevator with greater weight capacity
  • Installation of new outdoor lighting, which is not only brighter, but energy-efficient
  • Replacement of interior lighting for areas including the sanctuary and classrooms that are now more energy-efficient
  • Installation of new glass doors in the atrium
  • Repair of the parking lot, resurfacing and relining with more handicap parking spots and cut outs for better wheelchair access through the center island of the parking lot
  • Installation of a new concrete walkway at the front entrance of the building
  • Replacement of the lower roof which was leaking
  • Installation of new wood panels in the sanctuary
  • Repair of the wallpaper in the social hall
  • Replacement of fire alarms in the building
  • Installation of new emergency lighting in the building

The efforts off Perry, Lew, Ira, Brian and Harry are evident every time you enter CRT. They have richly earned this honor and we are grateful for all of their contributions.

Likewise, deep gratitude to the tireless efforts of the Journal committee. Chaired by Ann Middleman, the committee included Jeanie Corn, Sharyn Levine, Sheila Rosenberg, Bonnie Siegel and Paul Teller. The Journal Gala was a huge success and our members and sponsors have helped contribute to the operations of CRT. Please consider patronizing those who sponsored this year’s event. A copy of this year’s Journal can be downloaded here.